Hearings Aids

If you’re suffering from hearing loss, chances are hearing aids can greatly improve your day to day.

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Patient Testimonials

We make every effort to ensure our patients are more than satisfied with their hearing aids and service.

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What to Expect

If you’re feeling apprehensive about seeing a doctor about your hearing loss, here’s what you can expect.

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Why Choose us

Our professional staff features two highly qualified audiologists. We do much more than simply sell hearing aids.

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Hearing Aid Brands You Can Trust

Products to Improve Your Hearing

At Hearing Services of Nashville, we use the latest products available to improve your ability to hear or prevent hearing loss utilizing whatever hearing instruments suits your needs.

Hearing Aids

Hearing loss had been shown to start occurring at earlier and earlier ages due to many of the noisy environments we live in. No matter your age, if you’re suffering from hearing loss, hearing aids can greatly improve your day to day life. The sooner your address hearing loss the slower it will progress.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Get the most out of your hearing aids. Accessories help keep your hearing aids functioning properly from chargers to cleaning and maintenance tools. Other accessories enhance features of the hearing aids allowing you to directly connect to multimedia devices or control settings and programming.

Assistive Listening Devices

Also known as ALDs, assistive listening devices vary in their use and type. Most ALDs are stand alone devices designed for those who do not use hearing aids. Some may be used help those with hearing loss while with specific tasks such as listing to the TV or talking on the phone.

Tinnitus Maskers

If you’re experiencing “ringing in the ears”, a tinnitus masker may help ease. Maskers can be built into hearing aids or a stand-alone solution.

Hearing Protection

Prevent hearing loss and protect yourself. If you’re a musician in “Music City” you know how valuable your ability to hear is. We offer many different custom fit solutions for many different lifestyles.

Hearing Services we Provide

We provide a number of different hearing services performed by highly qualified and passionate doctors of audiology.

Hearing Aid Services

We offer a complete range of hearing aid services from fitting new ones to repairing old.

Hearing Tests and Evaluations

The first step in determining how to treat your hearing loss.

Hearing Tests for Children

Your child’s hearing is best in the care of an experienced audiologist.

Tinnitus Treatment

We can test for and determine the best solution for your tinnitus.

Balance Testing

Many imbalance issues are related to your ears, we can test you to find out.

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